We all have 1,440 minutes in a day.

How do you spend them? ClearPoint services can help you save time and money. We make it easy and convenient so you can spend more time with your family and friends while focusing on your future. We offer a variety of services designed to meet your needs. Those include Trustee, Investment Management, and Recordkeeping services, all in one place.

Funeral and Cemetery Trust Services

  • Preneed Funeral Trusts
  • Preneed Cemetery Trusts
  • Perpetual Care Trusts

Investment Management

ClearPoint makes available investment management services utilizing a diversified portfolio of mutual funds to meet your specific needs. An allocation can be designed to match your individual investment objectives and state requirements. In addition, our plans include an exclusive asset liability matching system (ALM) based upon the age of your contract holders and current mortality tables to synchronize your investment time horizon with the expected mortality of your contract holders. Our investment management services also include periodic account reviews to ensure your investment goals are being met and your investments are adequately positioned for the changing market.

Investment highlights include:

    • Diversified portfolio of mutual funds
    • Available for all ages
    • Performance reporting
    • Investment monitoring and due diligence

Recordkeeping & Reporting

Historical data reports and a good recordkeeping system are essential to the success of your business. Creating, maintaining, easily accessing secure client data and utilizing historical account data, are business practices that should increase the success of your business. All of these are critical components for ensuring a thriving business.

Good recordkeeping can help save you time and money, make preparation of tax documents easier, create efficiencies in your day-to-day operations, and help you maintain positive relationships with the families you serve.

Along with recordkeeping, reports can help you evaluate your business performance, analyze your business profitability, help you make decisions regarding investments, and provide guidance for the future of your business.

Recordkeeping and Reporting Services are two value added solutions offered by ClearPoint. We offer a variety of reports designed with your business needs in mind.

To learn more about the reports we offer, details regarding recent improvements, and how the reports can be used as a valuable tool for your business, please feel free to call us at 800-763-0234, or email us at


ClearPoint offers in-depth trustee services for single roof-top or multi-state operators with assistance from legal counsel dedicated to providing the most comprehensive legislative and regulatory guidance.

We possess a unique position where we have the ability to serve as both trustee and recordkeeper, allowing us to look at the preneed business holistically, which puts us at the forefront of being able to propose changes to legislation and issues related to the deathcare industry. To do this we serve as a partner to our clients to draft legislation, explain issues to regulators and legislators, and testify in favor of beneficial changes to the law. As a client of ClearPoint, you will be in a position to benefit from our expertise, and dedication to the advancement and success of the deathcare industry. We provide guidance to help ensure your business runs smoothly, effectively, and in compliance.


Tax Services

Tax preparation is often a complicated and time consuming process. To help you save time and money, we provide tax preparation services by Grantor Letter or Qualified Funeral Trust (QFT). This value added service is available to all to assist with the paperwork required for trust compliance.

QFT – The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 from the Internal Revenue Code allows for the trust to pay the tax on the income earned during the year. This eliminates the need for a grantor letter to be sent to the family. It is selected at the time a new funeral planning agreement is completed or at a later time by completing the Qualified Funeral Trust form. Once this option is selected, it cannot be changed.

Grantor Letters – similar to a 1099. This letter is sent to the tax recipient showing the income that is reportable to the IRS.

Consumer Brochure

“The Benefits of Planning Ahead” brochure is designed to offer you a valuable tool for educating your families about the benefits of planning ahead.

You can use this brochure in a variety of ways:

Hand it out at group presentations

Email a PDF version to individuals wanting to learn more about preplanning

Leave in the funeral home for visitors to take home with them

Give to an individual who is thinking about preplanning his/her funeral arrangements

If you would like to receive a supply of “The Benefits of Planning Ahead,” please call or email ClearPoint Customer Service at 800-763-0234 or

(To download a PDF version of the brochure – Double Click the link below)

ClearPoint Consumer BrochureDigital