What are the benefits to the purchaser to buy a trust funded versus insurance funded preneed funeral contract?

  • No Tax implications to the Purchaser if Qualified Funeral Trust (QFT) is elected
  • Flexible payment plans
  • All ages are covered

Does ClearPoint provide state compliant forms?

In many states where a state promulgated form is not mandated, ClearPoint does create, maintain, and distribute state compliant forms.

How do I order additional forms?

Existing customers can call our Customer Service department to place an order for additional forms. New customers should call our Customer Service Team and we will connect you with a Trust Administrator who will walk you through the enrollment process.

Does ClearPoint keep records by individual purchaser?

Yes. For our customers who utilize our recordkeeping services we offer not only high level account information, but also individual records by purchaser capturing details such as; pro rata fees, interest, gains, etc. The individual records are balanced daily with the trust.

Do you have a Client Portal where I can view indiviudal contract details, submit a distribution request, and view reports?

Yes. For our customers who utilize our recordkeeping services we offer a secure client portal. Watch the video below to learn more about how to apply for access to the ClearPoint Client Portal. 

What is your distribution process?

At ClearPoint, we try to make our distribution process as simple as possible. In states where allowed, you and a family representative can sign a provided form and send to the ClearPoint Customer Service department.