ClearPoint differentiates from our competitors because of our exclusive focus on the deathcare industry. Here to support our customers as they grow their companies, ClearPoint facilitates simplicity and satisfaction in our partnerships through value, expertise, being progressive, and professional.


As a trusted partner, ClearPoint is able to provide exceptional business advice catered to your distinct needs. Where competing trustees attempt to diversify and expand their businesses to incorporate other sectors of business, here at ClearPoint we care about the quality of our services rather than the quantity of our potential market. That’s why we have dedicated our business solely to the deathcare industry. Our commitment to the industry allows us to create partnerships that function seamlessly. Because our trusts are customized plans rather than generic products, ClearPoint is able to offer quality features that address the unique needs of your preneed business.


When you partner with any company, you want to feel confident that you are in the capable hands of experts. At ClearPoint, we believe expertise should be a given, so we have assembled a seasoned team of deathcare industry professionals who have over 240 combined years of deathcare experience, and 115 combined years of experience with our company. Furthermore, our years of experience in the industry have allowed us to offer a high level of expertise in the design and administration of trusts specialized to fit our customers’ needs. As a result, ClearPoint provides a level of industry proficiency that your local bank or trustee cannot match.


As an industry leader, ClearPoint keeps close track of updates to state and federal legislation and regulations. We pride ourselves on being proactive – anticipating the demands of our clients as need arises. ClearPoint is always pushing itself to remain a top tier choice for partnerships in the industry.


Our ClearPoint team is composed of dedicated professionals who are passionate about the work they do. With a nationwide outreach, ClearPoint presents various services for responsible management of your preplanning funds. Additionally, we strive to build extensive relationships with our customers. In order to do so, we have specialized trust administrators dedicated to certain regions of the country; therefore, your point of contact will be familiar with the pertinent requirements in your state. Through this customization and proficiency, ClearPoint offers the expert professionalism and value of an industry leader, while providing trust products and services tailored to the necessities of your business.